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We are very excited to announce that the game has just been relased in Brazil. If you think that our American Truck Simulator game review is not full enough and you have something to add - write to us. So check the below mention points. We present latest addition to American Truck Simulator.

Epic Games Store Taking on Steam. We don't recommend to download any games from torrent sites, singing for the stars because this files can contain viruses. Published and distributed by Play Games.

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Explore the geographic diversity - from the Sierra Nevada mountains to the Pacific Coast, from fir forests to the desert. Manoeuvring these huge vehicles is not easy especially when you are up against the clock.

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Now we truly believe that all gamers are satisfied with this our effort. Feel the serene, open and peaceful scenery with hillbilly trailer parks and rolling tumbleweeds. Notify me of new posts by email. The settlements are also detailed and lively, and in general, the area looks beautiful.

Your email address will not be published. Game developers don't make official game mods. Visit our YouTube Channel. To get this game you should go through the link below.

Its natural beauty includes deep forests, plenty of water areas and rivers, and encompassing volcanoes, high deserts, and arid scrublands. You mostly see dusty and desert-like scenes, but wet and slippery from rain motorways will also appear along with your way. Drive through urbanized areas like Albuquerque, sparsely populated trading posts, rest stops in the middle of the desert, lush forests and mountain ranges. For detailed info check our dedicated Blog post. Complete basic training and set on the way to master the wide variety of challenges that lie ahead.

American Truck Simulator will take you on a journey throughout the vast landscapes full of breathtaking and iconic landmarks of North America. Polish fans have a unique chance to buy a Special Edition of the game.

American Truck Simulator Review

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If you don't have a Steam account yet, you can get it for free. The map expansion is automatically unlocked for all owners of the game for free, no matter where or when you have bought it. We are happy to confirm that we also have the state of Nevada fully ready for release.

We want to show New Mexico as it is through the driver's eyes. Fortunately, an alternate route is going to be available. Majority of those areas are located within the Great Basin. And if you already have this configuration and you want to know more or recommended requirements for good gameplay then visit the next section of the article. Take your first steps and set forth on the long journey establishing one of the largest transportation companies in the United States.

However, please be aware that the road ahead of us is long, and it will take us years to cover the whole continent. As a freelance driver look around the freight market for quick jobs with easy deliveries. Cross the Colorado river over unique bridges and explore many wonderful vistas and famous landmarks within this region.

As your company grows, you have to expand your fleet and workforce, to enable your profits to increase with the size of your empire. Otherwise, you might get into a car accident that will likely have some negative consequences. Read this article to get all the information about this free pc game. We have progressed very well on several additional vehicles, and in the weeks after release, we're confident that we will get clearance to start adding them to the game. You should obey the rules while driving.

Thank you for your feedback! For instance, if you deliver something explosive or chemical, you get such valuable rewards as points. Passing through the game, you as a driver will gain the experience and improve your level after each completed delivery.

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Discover the subtle beauty of the New Mexico in our latest map expansion for American Truck Simulator! It's time to respond to the avalanche of questions coming our way concerning our plans for the initial edition of American Truck Simulator and its post-release future. American Truck Simulator puts you in the seat of a driver and gives you an opportunity to become an owner of the largest transportation company in the United States.

And if you need more help with this game then also ask us freely. But despite the lack of truck models and states available, hours of driving cargo across lonely stretches of highway will make you interested for a long, long time. Turning left onto a busy road as well as parking are tough tasks and you need to have some skills to make those seemingly easy moves.