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Evelyn notices the floor lights every time they step on a tile, but while examining it, Anck-Su-Namun's spirit rises from the tar pit. Later, Rick enters another large area with a pool of lava in the centre and more mummies with hammers but Rick was able to beat them all. After successfully surviving Cairo, Rick grabs the final star-key. Rick carefully made his way through avoiding the fireballs and killing the slave mummies that try to slow his efforts.

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However, as soon as Rick climbs out of the pit, several slave mummies spawn and attack him but were all defeated. Not wanting to stick around as to why their sarcophagi are open, the three head to the other side. Any ideas how to fix this? Finally, Rick makes his across the river and killed several more swordsman mummies.

Throughout the chase, Beni will activate a switch that will release barrels that can kill Rick with one hit. They are immune to your guns, so using magical weapons or melee weapons are advised. Rick finally catches up with him and punches him into the river killing him. He then climbs a few more ledges, while being attacked by more slave mummies and finding a switch to deactivate the acid traps while jumping across the platforms. In the next area, Rick makes his way across the river of blood killing more archers that were trying to impede his progress.

Swordsman Mummy- They attack Rick with their razor sharp swords and block some of your attacks with their shields. Right when Rick enters the area, a group of slave mummies arrive to attack him or try to force him to fall into the quicksand pool in the centre of the area. Rick tries to shoot the ghost but immediately realizes she was immune to bullets.

Then when Imhotep is reduced to a mortal man on the last phase, you can use any weapon to kill him. Most enemies die in slashes. As soon as Rick enters the cavern, he gets attacked by several mummies equipped with war hammers. When a certain number of them died, a stone wheel opens to reveal a chamber with a star-key, with several mummies guarding it. Once the monster falls, quickly turn around and shoot the bugs that come out of him.

Spirit Mummy- These ghost-like mummies attack by coming out of thin air and punch Rick. Spear-men Mummy- Similar to the swordsman mummy, except they carry spears and are longer range. As soon as Rick enters the crypt, Imhotep appears behind him and summons more mummy archers into the blood pool area, drake album before flying away. Slave Mummies- The most common enemies of the game.

Since none of the spearmen mummies dropped a star-key, he opens a few doors and activates a mechanism to raise the cage that contained the star-key. As he gets past the spike traps and walks along the edge of the chasm, he runs into more mummies with hammers, but Rick fends them all off. You acquire this after clearing Ruins of Hamunaptra.

Rick, if you can find the two missing pieces of this hieroglyph we can open the door! Finally, Rick dodges all the spike traps and climbs up more ledges to reach the exit while killing mummies equipped with swords. With the last mirror installed into the contraption, Rick and his friends realize that the door was not open. However, once killed, Rick then activates switches to raise platforms to escape and climb out of the pits. Anubis found in the Chamber of Anubis - The Egyptian god of death.

Shortly after, as soon as Rick enters a long dark tunnel, Imhotep appears and summons a sand cyclone to blind and kill Rick. Finally, Rick proceeds through another long tunnel and enters another area with more mummies armed with swords. Once the mummies were killed, O'Connell activates a platform for him to climb over the gate as it was buried in the sand.

Beni successfully delivers the Book of the Dead to Imhotep, but he leaves Beni behind. As Rick proceeds down the stairs, Imhotep reveals new mummy enemies called spirit mummies. However, there was a flame trap that was active, but Rick deactivates it by rotating the scarab switch. Luckily as Rick runs for his life, he snatches the star-key which causes a wall behind him to raise to prevent the fireballs from following him any further.

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The Mummy (video game)

Dual Pistols- Rick's default guns. Jonathan shows with the Book of the Living and is relieved that Evie is fine. Ardith leaves to find another way to kill Imhotep.

Defeating him makes you win the game and you get a closing cutscene from the movie. They're the least common enemies in the game.

The health bar can be indicated by the green dots on the star key status on the bottom right corner of the screen. Shortly afterwards, Rick had to push a switch to deactivate a fire trap that was blocking his progress and fend a few more hammer mummies. When asked where Evy went, Rick admits he has no idea. After successfully surviving the Plague of Fire, Rick opens the last sarcophagus, collects the final canopic jar and leaves.

Then he fought more mummies on the corridor intersection. There's also a Slave Mummy that will try and slow your efforts down. Rick ran for his life dodging collapsing pillars and spikes and was able to avoid the sand cyclone by grabbing the second star-key and jumping into a deep pit. Upon deducing the Imhotep has her and will sacrifice her to resurrect his lover, they need to first find alternate routes to Imhotep's lair.

Upon entering the area, and making his way through the blood pool, Rick fights off mummies coming after him, even when he readjusts the mural on the wall. They are identified as Pharaoh's mask, golden box, tall narrow vase, small wide urn, golden scarab, and golden figurine. Use your guns against them as they can be taken out easily.

Next, he enters a large room, where Imhotep arrives and summon new mummies carrying spears and shields before flying away. Immediately upon entry into a large room, Rick fends off all slave mummies that were trying to attacking him. Shortly after, Rick opens up another door leading to another area with more swordsman mummies and a spike trap that he had to avoid while climbing up the ledges. Rick begins to proceed down a tunnel, when a group of mummies rise from the ground and start attacking him.

After successfully surviving the Temple of Priests, collecting all the treasure, lighting all the hieroglyphics, and killing most of the mummies, Rick grabs the final star key. After successfully finishing his work in the Swarm of Gadflies, Rick opens the sarcophagus, grabs the last mirror and flees. Rick agrees and decides to check on the other section and Ardeth hands Rick his Lewis machine gun. Later, Rick enters another large room and gets attacked by several mummies with swords and shields but were all dealt with. Shortly after opening two gates to reach a large empty square, Rick gets attacked by more Medjai.

Following his fall into the pit, Rick grabs a golden sword lying on the floor amongst the remains of the Anubis statue, which opens up a doorway, for Rick to access. The chase ends with a pillar falling behind him, blocking the scarab path and the door closing behind Rick once the star key was acquired. If you pass the star-key doors, you won't return back to the original area, unless you restart the level.

Immeadiately the lair begins to collapse so Rick, Evie and Johnathan ran out of the tomb. Once all tiles are lit up, Anck-Su-Namun is drawn back into the tar pit and dies. Now Rick has to find a way out of this chamber and collect mirrors to activate a contraption to open up the next area. You need to run away from it. As he makes his way up the ramp, he had to fend off more slave mummies.