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Thank you so much for putting this post. Again, Thank you very much and excellent job done.

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Thanx for posting the lyrics. The feelings that I thought i had buried deep down in my heart came out as fresh as ever. It's such a treasure of a song. Luv u Rabbi for giving the best luv song ever. This is so beautiful song.

Rabbi Shergill - tera bin sanu soneya

It touches my heart everytime I hear it. Not really about Heer Ranjha.

Tere Bin Sanu Sohnia Lyrics (Delhi Heights)

Magic happens only as many times. This situation is similar to what happened to Reggae and hip-hop in west. That gives me inspiration to make more post on Rabbi. Punjabi music has become noisy.

Of course, meaning, semantics had no business and were not needed. The show has featured all d amazing collections of rabbi. Lost my mother this February, listening to this song amplifies the feeling of my loss a million times over. My girlfriend's father is a rabbi so I want to soak the item Antonio Lundberg. Is it possible that what he means by this song is that only God is capable of unconditional Love.

The other song by rabbi shergil is also really good and is called bulla ki jaana - Pooja. After understanding the lyrics, I like this song even more. Do keep up the noble work.

Rabbi you'll live forever with this song. Heart touching effect is created by listening to it. It just touched me where it hits the most. Iam totally in awe of this song! Punjabi folk is melodious and meaningful.

And the best part you sing this song for anyone, mom, dad, friend, lover, anyone at all. Your commets keep us motivated to do more work on this blog.

At once place he does talk about Waris Shah who wrote the great epic of Heer Ranjha milia c aj mainu tera ik patra likhia c jis te tu sher waare shah da. This is a very touching song. Evokes feelings so tender that one can do nothing but feel as you all swore going speechless.

It may interest you to note that the new album is coming out this April. Tere bin sanu sohnia Koi hor nahio labhna Jo dave Ruh nu sakun Chukke jo nakhra mera. Tere bin guzaara hai naiyo soniya Tere bin guzaara hai naiyo soniya Tere bin guzaara hai naiyo soniya Tere bin guzaara hai naiyo soniya.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. No matter how movie does this song will never die in its lovers. It dates back to ages and is related to the famous Hir-Ranjha. Hi, First of all great work. Its been so long since I have heard such a great song.

Perhaps it helps me grieve and come to terms with reality. Thats the only way to get hold of his album till it releases officially in mid April. Now that I read and understood what each sentence meant, it makes me appreciate this much more. Especially because I just broke up with my girlfriend. The song has cast a spell on me.

It was produced in Italy by Mauro Pagani. Why does it take so much out of us to understand memories can be brought back to life. Hats off to the singer Keep it up Really music has no barrier When it touches the soul like that i would simply it has no price Always Reshmi. More discussion about this song and it's meaning at this post. We knew when we started out that we can't be the only ones who are in absolute awe of this music.

Son Soniya Songs Full Mp3

Son Soniya Songs Full Mp3

Reading lyrics brought back some past memories and a pangs of sadness and nostalgia. But first time when I read its meaning I cried alone in my room. Rabbi will release his album on Nseries phones in end March. Why do the images in mind stop at the same face even though many new faces have come by and gone! But the words rabbi used were simply awesome.

Deep from the silence of the heart. Rabbi Shergill Devotees Unite.

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Like other readers i am speechless as well. The most amazing lyrics i have ever seen for a romantic song. Its more or less official. After which i was desperately looking for lyrics translation. This is a remarkable song.

Never miss latest songs lyrics update. Beutyful lyrics, i was searching for it, ohh tha man who has written it is smart, but the way it was singed by Mussarat Abbas is also great, fantastic song indeed. We have Biggest Collection of Hindi Songs Lyrics, so you can search your favorite songs lyrics by movies names, by artist names, satya 2 telugu mp3 by music directors and lyricists. You must know that Rabbi wrote this for his father. Hats off to the one who can be bring out feelings this way.