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Development team respond to enquiries promptly. Yes, development can be slow, but that's how it goes when there's only one person writing the code.

Recent forced beta use rather than a final version to get filters updates. Devoloped at a snails pace. And just because another product has some feature it does not does not make it suck any more either. It's also fast and barely takes any resources.

Weekly to begin with, then daily if our hosting can handle the load. It is very good indeed anyways. If you don't wish to wait you may request it yourself and add it to your filters. It's unfortunate that Ad Muncher is getting such a bad rap here at FileForum. Best ad blocker on planet Earth!

Any prog can be filtered, i. It does that and a lot more useful stuff.

That means Email, Feed Readers, I. Every time, without exception, this is how my experiences have been handled. It works straight out of the box without configuration. Choose your device specification. Features otter, puffin, eagle, goat, fox, bears, Northern Lights, thundering glaciers, and delicate frost on tundra.

So light on resources, too. He is this way because time is limited. These were reported via various methods email, irc, etc back when I wrote the first review here.

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Just add it to the list of filter targets. Perhaps this added income will speed up this snails pace development cycle.

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Ad muncher used to be a fairly quickly updated program feature-wise but that has since stopped. This should indeed be considered as security software in that it can block malicious adds.

The internet would be a different place without it for me. New drop down menu toolbar instead of an easy right click context menu. Its a limitation of current technology.

Shows of all screen savers together. Do you want to see all of your screen savers at once and choose the best? Here you can find screen muncher for android apk shared files we have found in our database. Ad Muncher is impressively easy to use, dpg movies yet it has so many features that you may spend even a half an hour setting it up. In future please make sure you report issues using Ad Muncher's built in reporting system as well as posting here if you really feel the need for the fastest possible response.

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Still my preferred choice for ad blocking. The new guy doesn't care about the product, much less his customers. It seems you are the only one to go to these lengths to try and put Ad Muncher down.

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Check the site if you don't believe this. It keeps the gravy train a-rollin'. Support is perfect and a lot of users have a lifetime license.

If you don't like Ad's then I would recommend this product. Blumentals Software blumentals. Since it seems you can't act like a grown up. Jeff does a great job at fixing false positives.

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Ad muncher still runs on other systems but again, I find myself having to disable it in order to get certain sites to even load. And actually, Ad Muncher has more than one full-time developer. These will be done respectfully, and will only be products that compliment Ad Muncher and which I genuinely use myself.

It has always worked great and you never have to do a thing. You have already submitted a review for this item. Keeps getting better and better.

Screen Muncher

On the downside, it has been taking an awfully long time to get some of the new features that people have been clamoring for. My father was wondering why his version hadn't updated in almost a month. This version is another one of those releases.

It does the job better than the rest with support that is far superior you get what you pay for. This is the best blocker in the business. Hulu now detecting Ad Muncher and no hope of having it resolved by the Ad Muncher team. Clearly not a software developer! Support is responsive if you report an ad it didn't block.

Have been using for many years. Landlord Report-Property Management Software. So it's not just me saying it, but then again, you probably think everybody else is always wrong.