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He encounters the insane King of Pointland, a being of zero dimensions. The being identifies himself as Spherius, a three-dimensional solid from Spaceland. This article is about the animated short film. He lives with his wife, Arlene Square, and his curious granddaughter Hex, a hexagon.

Even the kiss between two Flatlanders in Sphereland will give the viewers something to think about. Sphereland based in part on Burger's Sphereland that dealt with the topics of curved spaces, symmetry and congruence, an expanding universe, and the multiverse. Teachers will love it and some of the students will be asking for a refill.

Finally, Arthur is whisked back to his living room. Therefore, like his grandfather in the previous novel, the hexagon writes a book that is not to be opened until the theory of the expanding universe is discovered and accepted by others. Spherius angrily comes down to Flatland to scoff at the idea and flies off. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

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Abbott and Arthur arrive at the ruins moments before the triangle guards. Arthur, Arlene, Hex, and Abbott are reunited. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. He tells Arthur to spread the word of the third dimension and drops Arthur back into bed. With help from the sphere from the first novel, they are able to prove this theory.


Coffee is an acquired taste because it is inherently bitter. Arthur is hastily brought into a courtroom with Pantocyclus proceeding over his trial for heresy.

It is markedly different from the first novel in that it has a more prosaic ending and treatment of society. Was this review helpful to you?

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For the full-length computer animated film, see Flatland film. They also discuss how a citizen's shape affects their job, rapture john shirley with triangles performing menial labor and circles ruling Flatland in the priest class.

The reporter asks Hex if she has also visited the fourth dimension. Arthur is arrested by Miss Helios. Arthur tells her that he will tell her someday. Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from November All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention.

Arthur gives Hex a geometry lesson, showing how powers in arithmetic can be translated to geometrical dimensions. The novel expands upon the social and mathematical foundations on which Flatland is based.

Flatland The Movie

Then after some time, society becomes more open to the ideas of Spaceland and, overall, to change and advancement. Arthur recognizes an image of the ruins from his dream. Hex embraces Arthur and they fly back down to the courtroom, surprising everyone as they materialize out of nowhere.

At the Ministry, Arthur is talking to his brother, when an alarm goes off. Audible Download Audio Books. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Arthur admits to her that her parents were arrested and killed for their theories about the third dimension. He hears a voice booming out and sees a point grow to a circle and then back to a point. The Circles are speechless and lose control of the courtroom, evading the reporter's questions about the third dimension. In a world of only two dimensions, length and width, the geometrical inhabitants of Flatland dismiss the idea of the third dimension. After Spherius fails to explain the third dimension, Arthur is popped into Spaceland.

Edwin Abbott Abbott's Flatland. Sphereland, have done something similar by adding the spices of colorful animation and a good story to transform otherwise dry math and physics concepts into a more palatable form.

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The non-mathematical theme of these films is to keep an open mind and follow your convictions. That night, Arthur Square is taken to a strange landscape. With the guards closing in, Arthur pushes Hex into the cube symbol, which pops her up into the third dimension.

Flatland The Movie

When Hex speculates on a third dimension, Arthur becomes infuriated and sends her to her room. Blind men and an elephant Dimensions Space. Arthur realizes it might be Hex and persuades Abbott his brother to help him steal a Ministry car. However, the established scientific community is not able to comprehend the idea proposed by the two, and thus they do not attempt to enlighten Flatland. Arthur asks Spherius to show him the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension Spherius says there couldn't possibly be a higher dimension.

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He challenges them to aspire to be greater than their shapes, angering the Circles immensely. With Abbott distracting the guards, Arthur goes to the symbols and finds Hex terrified.

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But Starbucks has made a fortune by sweetening and spicing it up. Languages Italiano Edit links. In a fit of rage, Pantocyclus sentences Arthur to death, but Spherius suddenly pops Arthur out of Flatland. Then they live an inferior existence without any more contact with the sphere.

Arlene arrives and asks where Hex is. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dano Johnson Jeffrey Travis.