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The action of the latest part of Far Cry is once again presented from the first person perspective. Unlike prior games, they do not have fixed modifications, only their color scheme being locked. The only notable difference in weapons aside from the aesthetics and game stats is that many of them received new animations.

It features decreased accuracy but improved handling, and has the same accessory options as the regular weapon. For Example, Opening various gates or doors, Repairing a vehicle, kicking down a ladder or Jumping out of the window etc.

And while the past few games have provided tools for mapmakers, and some good tools at that, there's really nothing better than actual, legitimate mod support. Except for that, we can also gain the support from the inhabitants of the county.

Download Far Cry 2 Free PC Game Full Version - Free PC Games Ever

Far Cry 2 Free Download Full PC Game Full Version

Having shortcuts to the action is great, but it comes at the cost of a real feeling of exploration and travel. There is no arbitrary limit to how many of these slots can be filled. Nor is anything supposed to, since Dead Living Zombies takes place entirely within the imagination of the person Guy Marvel is talking to.

Every free moment I use to read about the newest productions of games and about their tests. Dynamite has a longer fuse than grenades, but also creates a much larger explosion, and is especially effective at destroying vehicles. The base variant is relatively uncustomized, but extensive modification is available.

And keep in mind, I'm not just talking about location. The player can even pick unconventional weapon, like for example rakes. By default it will launch dumbfire rockets when not aimed and extremely manoeuvrable line-of-sight guided missiles when using the sights. All this data is gathered from different trusted sources with a guaranty to work for our users and might appear same on the original sources time, Gamesexploit.

Surreally, the sight appears to be linked to a geosynchronous satellite, providing a high overhead view, now with the reticle illuminated in green. Also in this menu are two types of bow, a slower compound bow and a faster reflex bow from the previous games, which can both fire normal, incendiary or explosive arrows.

Another tool in the rather needless variety of explosives are pipe bombs, which use a burning fuse like the Dynamite. Unsurprisingly, the developers did not want to deal with modelling translucent magazines, and so all of the paint schemes use an opaque magazine the same color as the gun.

With full mod support, modders could go completely ape with an open world Far Cry game. The barrels of these variants are rather chunky and have an incorrect extractor rod housing with a flat vertical front. It takes place seventeen years after the original game.

This time around, it's an actual shotgun and not a cut-down. They do not seem to have any special bonuses either, just being a variant with a unique look though they count as a different weapon and so need their own accessories bought. Social Media Facebook Forum. When's the last time you thought about new Doom? Want to get somewhere fast and blow it up?

Far Cry 2 Free Download Full PC Game

It is the standard weapon for most enemies and allies, and is fast-firing in fully automatic mode and fairly accurate when firing single shots or short bursts, but deals relatively puny damage. Like the real gun, photoshop software for pc full version it has semi and fully automatic fire modes.

Iconic One Theme Powered by Wordpress. For Example, fighting with the tough enemy to remain alive or evading a falling rock. Unfortunately this same animation is also used when switching ammo types, without any animation for unloading the shotgun first. It also appears in Hours of Darkness where it is used by Vietcong heavies and can sometimes be founds hidden in camps. These guns are bought at the store, some after satisfying specific conditions.

More curiously, it also has a stainless magazine with this paint scheme. All pistols count as sidearms and aside from the Desert Eagle which somehow fires.

It is unlocked to purchase from the beginning of the game, and does not require any resistance level. And setting an angry kangaroo loose in some enemy outpost would be good for a laugh.

As it is highly compressed and it will take some time to unpack and Install full setup and play the game. It does not appear in the game itself. Mounted versions have infinite ammo and are governed by a heat gauge.

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Download Far Cry 2 Free PC Game Full Version - Free PC Games Ever

Previous Article Anno free Download. But I am talking about location a bit. We can use them in fights. The mounting has no room to fit a drive mechanism and there is no obvious ammunition source or ejection port on the cannon fairing.

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Here's our ranking of the games in the Far Cry series. Namespaces Page Discussion. Give The Password Properly.

Far Cry 2 Pc Download Free Full Version Game Highly Compressed

Many weapons now also have selectable fire modes, and most can fire at least one additional type of ammunition from a reserve more limited than the weapon's standard ammo type. The Visual Effects Are Amazing. When it was added to the game, switching ammo types made it fire armor-piercing pistol ammo instead of armor-piercing. Lost on Mars review The question is, where should Far Cry go next? Presumably this was done to make the missions in Nick's plane easier than they would be if it had the slower-firing wing-mounted guns that the other variants have.

Far Cry 2 Pc Download Free Full Version Game Highly Compressed

But some realistic features of previous games i. The standard type fires a single-warhead point-detonating explosive round, and is harder to use due to the decreased area of effect. Notify me of new posts by email. Like all the Hours of Darkness weapons in the main campaign, it only has a single default paint scheme. Sniper rifles fire either standard rifle ammo or.