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The text recognition is disappointing, and the web application actually does less than the mobile app. It scans documents like normal. Scan Old Photos iPhone Here you can scan unlimited photos and this app also has feature of auto detect and do perspective correction.

The Best Mobile Scanning Apps for 2019

Get the Android Authority app on Google Play. It shares a lot of the same features as Simple Scan.

You can access scanned documents on your device as needed. There are even collaboration features.

The smartphone camera certainly makes for a fast way to capture the image. Faster than a pronghorn racing a cheetah. It doesn't offer niche scanning needs such as receipts, but then, it doesn't promise to either. Old Photo Scanner Android In this app, you can quickly and easily scan as many as you like printed pictures.

Automatically detects and captures scans. What happened to battery stats in Android Pie? The bulky in-office scanner will likely play a role in our lives for years to come, but that kind of contraption isn't always convenient or available.

Beyond Image Capture

Share a long excerpt from an old Analog magazine without typing it in by hand? Here are some final app lists to check out! Genius Scan is another of the most popular document scanner apps out there. It's definitely one of the more powerful document scanner apps. Connects to LinkedIn for added context.

Some connectivity problems in early days of testing. However way you access it, once you open Drive's Scan command, you'll see what looks like a regular camera interface. You can get most of the basic features for free.

10 best document scanner apps - Android Authority

Here are the best document scanner apps for Android! The developer also has a fax sending app that works in case you need to fax documents.

This great app is fastest and easiest way to turn your photographs into live digital records, and is also an easy way to share them with others. The simple way to scan documents with your Android phone. All you need is your Android device and a good scanner app. Just bring the open camera into view of your document, and it'll pick the right time to snap, scan, and process the image.

In a world quickly moving towards the digitization of every document, mobile scanning applications remain necessary tools, as some organizations cling to using printed paper documents. Product Abbyy FineScanner. For casual scans, however, as well as scans of items not easily passed through a printer-style device, you no longer need a full-on desktop scanner. The minute Android phone tune-up. Fun Voice-Changing Apps for Android.

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CamScanner needs permission to store docs in your phone. It supports the key features for document scanning, conversion, and sharing. The camera you have handy is the best one to use, and that means the astonishingly capable one bundled into your smartphone. With each app, we scanned text in various forms, such as a recipe printed in Courier, prose from an open book, business cards, restaurant receipts, and a restaurant menu. Photo Scanner by Photomyne Android.

No way to manually focus camera. Microsoft Office Lens for Android Review. You can save your scans to Microsoft OneNote for quick reference later.

It adds a watermark to your documents, cyberlink power2go software but many of you highlighted that you've tried other options and eventually always come back to using CamScanner one way or the other. Scanbot is a functional and relatively competent document scanner.

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Google Docs on Android has an interesting hidden option. Place your paper on a flat surface, line it up in the viewfinder, and tap the shutter button to capture the document. Some mobile scanning apps assume that you want to do everything on your phone. This app has features of photo editor also. However, like CamScanner, it competently covers enough different use cases to where the benefits outweigh the cons.

Beyond Image Capture

This app can scan multiple analog photographs in a single time and can also scan entire photo album in minutes. CamScanner offers you the features you need to scan your documents efficiently. Microsoft Office Lens scans documents, cards, and whiteboards with your Android phone, making them more readable, and in some cases editable. Just enter one keyword, you can quickly find the document you want.

Either way, check out the nomination thread here before casting your vote. Keep any curious eyes away from your files by adding a passcode to protect them. Your email address will not be published.

That makes sense when the workload is heavy, frequent, and concerns material that can be easily passed through a printer's feed mechanisms so primarily separate, letter-sized pages. It also allows you to compress files, password protect documents, and more. That presumably isn't what you want.

The Best Mobile Scanning Apps for 2019

This app works very fast and it is only app which works on United States phones. Android Intelligence Advice. Either one should be good enough.

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