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Visual Studio installation does not contain Crystal Reports and hence to install it you can download it from the following location. The exception is then swallowed by a handler within the ReportDocument constructor. Hi, equaliser software I was using the Beta and had all my reports working fine. It seems like the definitions of the reports lie in a separately located folder containing many.

Release Notes Installation Guide. This page will prompt for a log in and allow you to get notifications regarding updates.

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Thank you Mandeep, That has indeed solved the issue for me. In addition, we have made a few videos available. How can we resolve this issue? Either the Crystal Reports registry key permissions are insufficient, or the Crystal Reports runtime is not installed correctly. Where can I find the documentation of the product, quick stars, etc?

The application uses Crystal Reports. Getting started and moving ahead with Crystal Reports.

For more information, use the search box in the right top corner of this page. Discussions with our Product team resulted in adding the Xbase driver back into the various packages. You will see an update to this blog shortly. Thank you for your interest in this question.

Former Member Post author. The other redist packages provide a.

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For future technical issues, please use the forums as it is monitored by the support team. You may have tried opening the.

That has indeed solved the issue for me. Perhaps I am being dumb here, but the assemblies that are used in the toolbox seem to be the. If my datasource is a business object, how can I tell this to the wizard?

Fixes for each Support Pack are prioritized and released on or about end of each yearly quarter. It only requires your e-mail address. For more details see here.

How do I go about opening them so that I can perform edits in Visual Studio? This cant be right, surely.

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We have downloaded merge modules for visual studio and integrate in our deployment project. All support packs are full builds of Crystal Reports for Visual Studio, thus it is not necessary to update incrementally. Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If none of the above help you get started, please post this issue on the support forums and someone will be able to help you troubleshoot this issue. That said, there is a quicker easier way to do a quick test to confirm if those.

As a workaround, try the following solution. The Click Once version that you installed is for deployment. They are separate files in a folder. The setup is installed on client machine but when opening the report, we got following exception.

The issue should now be resolved. It depends on how you are deploying your application. Net has a bit runtime installer size of approx. Has there been any new developments with this issue?

Support for Crystal Reports for Visual StudioCrystal Reports for Visual Studio Production Release Now Available

Hi, We are currently developing a desktop application in Visual Studio that has a few reports made in Crystal. Now it probably automatically opens them incorrectly. Choose open existing and browse to your.

It was unclear to me how Dave actually fixed his issue. If you encounter any technical issues, please use the forums to describe the issue as there are support folks who are monitoring the forums. We are currently using it internally, and we are evaluating on selling it, do we have to buy the server license?

Looks like there is some kind of issue with the ClickOnce scenario and we are investigating. Ah-hah, that's the problem.

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