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But directed so badly, that the copy is even worst. With a fight composer's blood running in his veins, he spares no penny in over-the-top action sequences that would put Tollywood to shame.

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With smaller expectations, the film delivers the goods. Even a fifth grader could come up with a better story than this. Asin, Abhishek's sister, is Ajay's love interest. Asin is just there to look beautiful and Archana Puran Singh does make a sincere effort to generate some laughter.

The most notable name will be Abhishek Bachchan who plays the role of his life. This is a clean comedy film. If you really want to watch a comedy film, grab a copy of the original Golmaal instead of wasting your time on this crap.

The action sequences are also very typical of his work. And many comedy circus Comedians even got chance to work in movie with Krushna as in Lead supporting actor.

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There is no tussle for appeal between Ajay Devgan and Abhishek Bachchan. This movie has got Rohit Shetty written all over it. He is too good for what is probably his first complete comedy movie.

The only think Prithviraj hates is deceit- but lies are told to cover up previous lies, and it snowballs into one comedic set-piece to another. The masses would be happy but the same can't be said for the soul of Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Abhishek plays his two roles quite straight, pun intended. This helps in evoking the audience, even despite, the weak plot.

There is a vision here to make it a comedy for the masses and judging by the loud laughs from the audience, he's got it right. Yet, both of them were decent. In Goa, Pritam meets his love Geeta after many years. And here in lies the beauty of a well-made comedy.

There are so many loopholes in the movie, you can't think about it. Ajay Devgan and Rohit shetty pair once again proved that only this pair can make the best commercial movies. Certain scenes like Abhishek's dance sequence before interval could have been curtailed. Cause that's what the series is all about.

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Despite being a comic flick, the movie expects a certain intellect from the audience, to see the connection and word play which the makers wish to create. Every minute of every day, million emails are sent, hours of video are uploaded to Youtube, and there are new page edits to Wikipedia. To enjoy this movie I suggest you leave your brains at home and watch it. Krishna irritates to the core. The exaggerated action scenes eat into the narrative and jar the pace.

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Abhishek's dance is funny. Please don't watch the movie. Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Golmaal was one such comic caper- Utpal Dutt and Amol Palekar effortlessly creating magic that demands multiple viewings. She does not have any good scene, so she can show her performance. Better acting, less special effects.

Plus I remained hugely dissatisfied from the supporting act of Krishna, who unarguably was given a role much below his actual caliber. Also there is the usual masala of Rohit Shetty which is playing with cars, blasting cars, buses. Owing to the wrongdoings affiliated with evils similar to black money, an honest but ferocious police officer returns as the Deputy Commissioner of Police with the prospect of wiping out injustice. For that, it will earn the love of the paying public and will have a successful run at the box-office. Sajid has come with real strong dialogues too, which would definitely be lapped up by the masses.

Abhishek Bachchan, in the movie Bol Bachchan, portrays the role of a dance teacher and also poses as his twin brother. Big stars, big visuals, big entertainment, windows 7 crack all version Bol Bachchan has it all.

The action and car sequences are typical Rohit Shetty stuff. Ajay Devgan is marvelous in action as well as in comedy scenes. Its heading straight for your wallet, not your senses, and i have a feeling that people who go to watch it already have their expectations set, so are going to enjoy it. Because not only the viewers but the industry also is bound to expect a lot from his project keeping in mind the excellent track record of his successes. It has few songs, which are light and melodious.

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Rohit Shetty has followed the classic to the hilt. However, there are a few changes that have been incorporated into the characters. Then you will enjoy the movie.

Bol Bachchan

Prithviraj is a powerful but kind-hearted man who hates lies and liars and punishes them harshly. But the odds turn against them and they lose. Ajay Devgan and Rohit shetty pair proved again that only this pair can make the best commercial movies. When he comes as Abbas Ali movie sparks.

With equal ease he transforms into the angry Singham version when enraged. Veteran Asrani and a regular character actor Neeraj Vora do a commendable job of supporting the main protagonists. Nonetheless, Rohit Shetty does not complicate the script and keeps it simple.

Bol Bachchan Hindi Movie Download HD p - MoviesCouch

Bol Bachchan

High on creativity, tight script, memorable dialogues, hence less cringe-worthy situations. Conversely, if you have the stomach for such rampant silliness, it might propel you into paroxysms of delight. However when Ravi comes, he says he has visited Abbas's and Sania's home many times and greets them. This movie is going to be a super-hit. Abbas learns that there is a temple at the border of Ranakpur and Kherwada, the village where Prithviraj's cousin Vikrant Raghuvanshi is powerful.

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