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Dubwise treatment on the flipside too. The return of the Bruckshot!

The road less travelled is the norm for trailblazing artists like Onoe, a real risk taker and fearless creative. Mr Slipz returns with his full length debut solo album It Don't Stop. The process was different from previous projects as working in the same physical space facilitated a more direct dialogue between them, allowing Benny to have more input on production. It comes on aqua marine blue vinyl with black splatter effect. Now, for the first time ever, Jam Baxter's classic is available in its entirety on limited edition double vinyl!


Comes in a full colour plastic wallet. This limited edition cassette features the full twelve track release. Flip it over and there's an exclusive Melodica Cut to the track, complimenting the production even more and adding a whole new dimension to the riddim. Everything that happens in the middle is what makes us who we are.

They also add their own flavour to the proceedings, and make this one don album, nuff styles, not to be missed. The emcee's come with a strong delivery and trade bars of each other in a fine style, whilst the instrumentation is equally punchy and tight.

All coming sealed in a magnificent full colour spined cover. Both emcees here trade it back and forth inna fine style, it's great to have Manage back on it again, and bringing Blitz with him on this set is a blessing. Expect an ear pleasing array of melody backed by a thumping kick drum and interesting basslines. Adam and Cuth are back with their second full length project following up from their critically acclaimed album Formwork. Not for the faint hearted.

It also comes with a free packet of custom rolling papers made with natural hemp fibres. Big release, I doubt very much these will be around for long. Limited to copies, book will not be included on any represses. From Alpha To Omega is a life-affirming, nourishing and anointed record. Be sure to keep you ears to the ground for much more from Gully Goat Gang on the Rhymepad Label in the future.

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The main vocal joint Lesson Learned features the legend like J-Live on the rhymes and described as an orchestral cinematic film score. Slow Down is the first taste. Actual Cake is a soulful and often psychedelic jaunt that serves a fresh slice of contemporary life in austerity Britain.

Coming at ya like a ton of bricks, here's the twelve track full length album from britcore squad Planet Of The Fakes, and the first release on Rekognition Records. The Dookie Squad deliver some devilish boom bap right here, three big tracks coming with the flavour, plus one instrumental, woe is me genesis full colour cover.

Big shout to Blue overseeing the proceedings. With an onslaught and barrage of bars the Nottingham native will paint you his status in the world of today.

End Of The Road Cover Feat Bluey Robinson Music Mondays

Launching this veteran emcee head first outta the volcano spitting nuff lyrical firepower alongside a killer line up. Maximum vibrations keeping you locked throughout this whole album, from vocal to dubwise treatment, spiritual healing soundsystem music in it's highest form, wise and extra sized. Life In Konstant Ripples comes in a full colour card wallet.

And is at its sonical peak when listened too while percrasternation from life tasks. All of our decisions and choices shape and mould our futures in this life and possibly even the next. Take a good listen though. His dubbed out style draws upon the sounds of his musical heritage, filtered through an exploration of the newer sounds of contemporary bass music.

End Of The Road Cover Feat Bluey Robinson Music Mondays

Very limited picture disc vinyl edition of the monumental debut album from Da Flyy Hooligan, S. The other three tracks are instrumental, big cuts, beats and vocal samples a plenty throughout, shit is harrrrd. This is sure to be an absolute classic from one of the most prolific rappers in the game. Essentially it's a song about Buffalo's, whilst the flipside is a song about jumping up and down.

Split between two different tracks this release has enough balls and bounce to rock the party right. Essential dancefloor destruction.

Deepest Song Bluey Robinson 4th Dimension Via Amarudontv

End Of The Road Cover Feat Bluey Robinson Music Mondays

Nothing's safe from the new Mob on the scene, watch your pockets. Big and heavy and pressed onto white vinyl, and housed in a full colour cover.

End Of The Road Cover Feat Bluey Robinson Music Mondays

The album consists of a variety of instrumentals, as well as a remix of Argentinian band, The Fear of Being Offline and a sureshot vocal track featuring Nottingham's finest, Cappo. The beats are produced by B.

The first album to ever be released on High Focus Records! Low slung boom blaps and late night bars for your burned out braincells from the wonderful Wundrop, loving the vibe onboard this ten tracker. Dancehall digital reggae sits alongside Hip Hop, Rap and Bass music.

An awesome job is done with East London's Singer Tempa gracing the vocal booth, shining light on the rich consistantly teefing from the poor. There's only been pressed, on white vinyl, and on black vinyl. Ya'll know how the Waxnerds do.

Limited edition double vinyl, shrink wrapped in a full colour sleeve with a digital drop card to download the album with bonus instrumentals. The result is an album that salutes the foundation and its continued relevance in modern dances today. Mixed and mastered by Reklews. Rum Riddim is an infectious and fun rework of a classic Jamaican riddim.


Deepest Song Bluey Robinson 4th Dimension Via Amarudontv

Straight from the get go you can tell he lives and breathes Hip Hop and has a huge passion for the artform, and it's fully on display right here. It's a perfect team up, the vibes are fully evident. Onoe Caponoe is a true individual in a sea full of clones. Hempolic's Grippa Laybourne creates a killah version right here, whilst members Nubiya and Dandelion bring the vocals. Full bass levels needed, both tracks kick up a rumpus!