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This is my top list of songs that I feel change dramatically when you add a great subwoofer into the mix. Sadly, many headphones make this tune sound boomy, and that is just plain wrong. Wicked vocals, big ups to the vocalist. The tunes tracks and mixes listed here are copyright and may not be used in your projects. Saying that though many members are happy to work with other artists or allow others to remix their tracks.

Interspersed randomly through the track are bass drops down to the single digits. There's no better way we've found to test stereo and envelopment than this cut by Indian percussionist Gurtu, with saxophonist Jan Garbarek. The tinkly percussion that dances across the front of the soundstage is a great test of high-frequency performance and stereo imaging.

As a follow up to our Bang For Your Buck series on subwoofers, we decided it would be fun to look into some real tweaky, geeky basshead music. We don't mean the booming, headache-inducing hip-hop or heavy rock brand of bass. This song starts with some intensely deep bass notes, which can easily push lesser speakers and subwoofers towards distorting the lows. These songs are the kind that we can play through speakers or headphones in order to quickly assess how well or not a product sounds. Of course, bee3mp3 some songs respond better than others.

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Know that this is a harsh-sounding recording if you're listening to the mids and treble. This song stands out so much with the added bass because of the exciting and uplifting way Bonobo works with the side-chaining on it. Kind of dubsteppish kind of hip hop, i still don't know.

10 Favorite Test Tracks for Evaluating Audio Equipment

Well, at least when I have those low frequencies to let me experience the emotion. This track is absolutely spectacular and something that any self-respecting audiophile or audio enthusiast should appreciate and own.

You should feel some tingles along the spine or prickles on the skin. There had to be some dubstep in this list somewhere, right?

This track features Sheeran accompanied by a piano for the majority of the track. Take note that your audio test tracklist can evolve over time, but you should have several staple tracks that you know well and do not change. Commercial use is not allowed.

If not, don't worry too much, because this particular listening test is pretty hard! The outro especially has a ton of power to the low end, which makes me feel sometimes like I have head asplode. You have to listen to a full minute of this song before you know why I chose it for the list.

Although side-chaining is nothing new, and possibly a strained art, the way he works it in the song is not only not unnecessary, but adds a wonderful, energetic vibe into your day. Was unable to fit the full track title, as requested by the vocal provider, due to character restrictions.

This recording is known for its jaw-dropping cannon blasts at the end. Contact Editorial General Advertise.

If not, a new set of headphones might be in order. And that's a good thing because the steady level lets one judge the maximum output capabilities for products like Bluetooth speakers and soundbars.

Whether you want to test out your new home theater subwoofer or are just in the mood for a bit of pounding bass, these songs will do the trick! This track serves as an awesome demonstration of a true subwoofer system. This has become the first test song we usually put on. You can even edit the songs if you like, cutting straight to the parts you want to hear just for testing purposes.

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When played back on a vinyl record, all but the very best turntable configurations will result in the needle jumping out of the track as the cannons go off. Brighter colors mean that the information at those frequencies is louder. Credit to TheLeach for the Acapella.

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Now things are getting fun! Credit to scotteguff for the Acapella. We put the call out to our industry friends and asked them for their bass infrasonic subwoofer demos. This track goes back, waaaay back! This rock track opens with well-recorded percussion and guitar.

Be aware that the low tones are in this track are so intense that they can easily destroy small woofers! It's convenient for checking out pairs of headphones in stores, a friend's new stereo speakers, or the audio systems you might encounter at Hi-Fi shows.

This particular song is a favorite for judging soundstage depth. For an audiophile, this would be the Holy Grail of musical experiences. The song is compressed like nothing else, and has a crunch that completely pulls you in, like, with your mind.

Most recent track I've mad, im not sure what genre it falls into ive put DnB but you can decide. Listen wisely, and loudly. Any audio enthusiast should put together a selection of tunes like this. You'll want to be able to pick out each saxophone individually and point to it yes, in the air. This is more of a demo track than a song.

In our opinion, most hip-hop mixes are too elemental to tell you much about an audio product. If you wish to do anything more then simply listen to and enjoy the tracks listed here get in touch with the artist who created them. Around the second mark, you start to hear tree branches breaking with each step, and then at the second mark, the roar of the Rex overpowers the track as he devours his prey. Reverend Dennis's voice is especially deep, which can sound bloated on most systems.

We the SadGen Music Band have tried our level best to make this track enjoyable. Of course, Kunzel included lots of bone-cracking and crunching around the second mark. Finding Basshead Songs We put the call out to our industry friends and asked them for their bass infrasonic subwoofer demos.

Finding Basshead Songs

You are going to need serious cone area and power to feel this one with any authority. It would have been awesome time. The track starts with birds chirping in the jungle. Scholars think that Bach wrote this classic piece of organ music between and when he died. Strap in friends, this is going to be a lot of fun.