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Otherwise, it's a solid app. Can you please suggest me dictionary which can tell Hindi meaning of WhatsApp messages without closing WhatsApp. Active internet connection also needs if you want to use the voice search and pronunciation options. This is an another best dictionary app to learn English easily.

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If you want to develop English grammar and vocabularies, then this is the best option for you. It boasts a word base of words. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. When you are taking a decision to go to the other country, then you will have to learn the language of that country.

Overall, this could be the best choice for newbie users with a broad database. Vocabulary quizzes and puzzles will help to learn new words every day and memorize them easily. Are you looking for buying cheap cases for iPhone? Again, it's not great if you need a dictionary app that does more than provide definitions.

For improvement in the English language, all apps are useful. It focuses most heavily on English and German and the rest are there, but not quite as much as English or German. It shows the fast result of your desired search.

Awesome article on Dictionary but I need suggestion. It can be used to look up words, though. It can be used with one to give you an even greater understanding of the English language. The simply named Dictionary app is a pretty decent option. There is a randomizer that lets you look up random words.

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Please enter your name here. However, it is more than good enough for looking up a word really quickly. However, it does play fast and loose with permissions.

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The Advanced offline dictionary app is easily compatible with the android powered devices. Here are the best dictionary apps for Android! Most Powerful Android File Manager. The app also has offline support as well as a tool that defines words when you copy them from another app. As it always not possible to stay connected to the internet, of rollercoaster tycoon so you need to use a dictionary app that works offline.

But for that, the Google Drive or dropbox apps must be there on your device. There is also a floating thesaurus mode that lets you see synonyms of words simply by selecting them.

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For me, it turned out fine. It is really hard to find an offline dictionary app with an extensive database. So, for that kind of users offline dictionary apps are too good. This app comes with a new feature, A Word Game.

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This Arcus dictionary app displays the most probable matches for your search. With the help of any dictionary app, you can find the meaning of any word from your smartphone. With a massive database of definitions, synonyms, antonyms and sentence examples, this could be the best option for both newbie and advanced users.

It also has an audio pronunciation to hear every word. The name recognition alone has made it extremely popular.

Dictionary - Merriam-Webster. The settings option also comes with this device, to make some settings within the app. It is s totally offline app.

Download from Google Play. There is also a built-in thesaurus, pronunciations, and more. It also features an integrated thesaurus, example sentences, audio pronunciations, word of the day, and many more. So you can listen to your favourite eBook while on the move.

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Offline Dictionary - Android Apps & Games

The user-friendly interface and built-in search options help to find the meaning of any words easily. It also featuring the example of sentences, to teach that how to make a sentence by using that particular word.

There is also some dictionary apps available for android based smartphones and tablets. That has chased some of the more security conscious away. On top of the standard word definitions, the app features word games to increase your vocabulary.