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Gowtham would silently wait for her to come around, and when she's not looking, break things to vent his frustration about the unrequited love. All the while, the girl would continuously contort her face suitably to show varied levels of pain and bewilderment.

Mithuna and Surya characterisation is good. Second half of the movie introduces us the character of Naveen. Goutham should have not died in the climax. Midhuna finds it more trouble after coming out of danger. The songs are a pleasant collection, and add much to the movie's style and texture.

Gowtham and his father take care of Midhuna and make sure that she is fine. Gowtham Rahul is a son of a billionaire business man and fall for Midhuna Lavanya. Rest of the things should be watched on big screen. The actors have got nothing much to do except screaming and wooden expressions.

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You have already rated this movie. The cinematography is crackling.

Andala Rakshasi review Andala Rakshasi (Telugu) Movie Review

Just paste the urls you'll find below and we'll download file for you! Technically, there is nothing negative about Andhala Rakshashi. And the visuals inspired by Maniratnam are a pleasure to watch.

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The movie isn't as bad as it is misguided. Plus, their chemistry is palpable. Secondly, the Yemito song deserves special mention, not just for being awesome song that it is, but also for lending the movie a special kind of tone. Who will win Midhuna's heart? If file is multipart don't forget to check all parts before downloading!

Andala Rakshasi review Andala Rakshasi (Telugu) Movie Review

Goutham named actor is pretty good. Surya follows Mithuna and woos her. As for his acting, he wears just two expressions throughout the movie, looks mostly clueless, and lets the high pitch of his voice do the talking, with rather avoidable results. He tells his rich father that he has found his real love, and stalks her around for a bit.

Naveen's characterization has been well etched. Any trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

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He falls in love with her at first sight. He falls in love the first time he sees Midhuna. Mithuna's family is refreshing to watch for its charming touches of middle class life.

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He slaps her but realizes that she accepts his love and has decided to marry him. Just click file title and download link will show up. Click it and That's it, you're done amigo! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Of course, that would be mean and overreacting.

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Lavanya has done brilliant job in terms of performance and she is looking very homely on screen. Andaala Rakshasi's effort to be an esoteric piece of art basically seems overdone and contrived.

Especially the set where Naveen made a picture of Lavanya using Beer bottles is simply superb. Just as Midhuna begins to start falling in love again with Gautam, he discovers that Surya is still alive. Now imagine an entire film with these two in conversation, with each maintaining the same pitch and volume. Though the scenes seems to be convincing, slow narration of the movie is the biggest minus for the film.

Midhuna is already in love with Surya Naveen who is a painter. Gautham sacrifices his life for Mithuna but before he dies, Mithuna is walking in front of his car. Mumbai Mumbai search close.