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About Abhinav Sonkar Abhinav Sonkar loves to transcribe songs and play the guitar. Main kaliyon ke jaisi Meri alhad umar niyaadi Chhoti si yeh jaan meri Aur joban behta paani Arre main kaliyon ke jaisi Meri alhad umar niyaadi Chhoti si yeh jaan meri Aur joban behta paani. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Receive meanings and translations in your inbox.

The meaning is that youth is like a flowing river for everyone which just goes on, never stopping where it is at one moment. There is totally wrong translation of tore. The chord changes in the song are quite fast and the strumming pattern is beat.

We should always be respectful in our words. Original song was sung by Lehmber Hussainpuri, written by Labh Janjua. British Board of Film Classification. If the eyes are alcoholic sounds so damn stupid.

Akh De Eshareh Utte mp3 download

Secondly, the strumming pattern involves muting which can be easily done with barre positions. Don't be too quick to be harsh with others, and above all, avoid bad words, at all costs. So what about strumming pattern? But did some searching since I love this song. Even constructive criticism can be delivered with kind and helpful words.

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So the chord switches in-between the pattern. The translation is waaay too literal! Hi Isha, I would love to post a video tutorial but it is very difficult to find time to make one.

Ambarsariya/ Ambersariya Lyrics Translation Meaning Fukrey

Much better translation than the original one on this site. It means walking of girl like cat walk of models. Thank you, the original uploader, who translated this song. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

List of highest-grossing Punjabi films. Singer Mika Singh support the Diljit.

Ya that is tore chaal not tor and it means yours walking style not cat walk of models.

About Abhinav Sonkar

He is put on a mission to save the honest and idealistic Home Minister of Punjab from a drug mafia who is plotting the minister's murder. But Ambarsariya, being true to his job, breaks their hearts.

Ambersariya Lyrics - Fukrey

In hindi it means chaal of a girl. Ambarsariya is a wonderful Punjabi song sung by Sona Mahapatra based completely on guitar. As Jay said above, the song has a scandalous meaning.

Nahi main surma paada Dhoop na main chamkaana Nahi main surma paada Dhoop na main chamkaana Nain nasheele hon agar to Surmaiti ki lod. But why is Kajal Surma Laali. Just listen to the track and improvise. And Kacchiyan Kalian na tod means don't play with immature girls.

Lyrics of Ambersariya is really very good. Lauren Gottlieb revealed her role as an Indo-Canadian Punjabi girl and also praised Punjab liking Punjabi culture, food, colours, clothes as well as Diljit as a rockstar, Singer, actor, om namah shivaya mantra chanting dancer. Jha in his review appreciated the film. Gali mein maare phere Paas aane ko mere Gali mein maare phere Paas aane ko mere Kabhi parakhta nain mere To kabhi parakhta tol Kabhi parakhta nain mere To kabhi parakhta tol.

This track is sung by superbly. Thank you Precious Girl for your kind interpretation.

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Your email address will Never be shared. International Business Times, India Edition. The song will challenge your chords as well as strumming skills. It doesn't mean don't pick the buds. In accomplishing his mission, he falls in love with both of them and the same goes for them, resulting in a love triangle.