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While they argue over the kiss, Natsume kisses her for real. Mikan and her group decide to help Mikan escape with her mother.

Alice Academy

But, Natsume realizes it was Goshima disguised as Nodacchi. Alice References in Anime. However, months later, Yuka flees with Mikan to not cause any more burden to Kaoru. In midst of this, Tsubasa suddenly reappears.

Alice Academy

Natsume tells them to let Mikan see what her mother is like so she can decide. They are losing in the fight, but Yuka intervenes and gives Ruka a cure to his injury. He reveals that during the mission, he was injured and lost, and Yuka had saved him. Ohata, Kiyotaka Episode Director, Storyboard.

The anime was translated and dubbed into English by the anime television network Animax and broadcast on networks throughout Asia. They eventually become popular after Narumi, Ruka, and Sumire fail to win. Mikan learns that Hotaru has an older brother, Subaru.

Natsume goes looking around and encounters Nobara. Shiki finds Yuka and takes her to Z, who offer a position.

As Mikan and Natsume meet up after class, a girl named Luna appears. Sixteen volumes have been published so far.

Mikan is relieved that Tsubasa is alright. Mikan is nearly seriously injured during the cheerleading competition by Luna. Although she assures him that she loves him, she takes his soul as punishment for his crimes, and kills him. She also reunites with Hotaru.

For her actions, Mikan is upgraded to Single Star. It is revealed that Hotaru, Nodacchi, and Subaru traveled back to the moment when Natsume stopped breathing, and Subaru uses his Healing Alice to revive the past Natsume. Help improve our database by adding background information here.

Mikan realizes that she no longer hates Natsume, but is irritated at his attitude. They fought frequently, but Narumi eventually fell in love with her.

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Harada, Misaki Supporting. After Hotaru's discharge, Class B goes Christmas shopping and throws a late birthday party for Natsume. These insanely hot anime fire users can ignite certain feelings in us with their amazing fire control and their figurative hotness.

What are the Gakuen Alice manga arcs? When Yuka tries to insert the key into the hole, the door explodes. They get by and Hayami tells them that the Warphole does exist.

The festival begins, but at first Mikan's Special class is rejected. List of Gakuen Alice characters. Izumi brushes his feelings off due to that Yuka is a student and he is a teacher.

Students are ranked in a Star Rank system by good behavior and grades. Yuka hits her, but gives her the cure for Hotaru. Narumi wants Mikan and Ruka to kiss, but Natsume prevents this. Although she accepts her situation, she is saddened. Mikan meets Nobara, a member of the Dangerous Ability class, and they become fast friends.

These people wear black masks over their eyes and are also Alices as some can teleport. It turns out that Persona was the one who caused Aoi's Alice to go out of control. The chapters of Gakuen Alice are written and illustrated by Tachibana Higuchi. There are three Principals in the Academy.

This prompts Ruka to kiss her on the cheek. Mikan and Luna clash, resulting in Mikan taking Luna's Alice. Monthly allowance according to the students Star Ranking. Natsume demands information from Narumi because he wants to have a happy future with Mikan, but Narumi refuses to tell him. She rejected his feelings, especially after he tried to force himself on her.

Himemiya, although assertive and clever, prefers to stay out of the conflict whereas Kazumi has spent many years secretly plotting to stop Kuonji in order to restore the peace in the academy. Mikan learns that her father was her mother's elementary teacher, traditional christian songs and how her mother was abandoned at the academy by her parents. For information on the Gakuen Alice manga go here Manga. Edit Manga Information What would you like to edit?

His death ir ruled a suicide, but Yuka learns the truth. This title is currently available to be licensed.

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Jinno orders Nodacchi to teleport the students away, but Hotaru pushes Natsume and Ruka back so they can save Mikan. Realizing their mutual goal to have a happy family, Izumi and Yuka consummate their relationship. Mikan tries to befriend the rest of Class B, after Tsubasa talks with her about it. This angers Natsume who tries to force Mikan to show her Alice with his flames.

Mikan realizes that Nobara is close to death and teleports to the emergency room. Jinno prefers Sumire's group rather than those Mikan's. Each term lasts for about months with the first semester being from April to October and second term being November to March. Luna mistakenly tells Hotaru in Mikan's body that she will lose her most important person. He orders that Mikan be brought to him.

Mikan talks with Natsume, who calls her by name, which makes her heart beat. Ruka confesses his love to Mikan but says he will support Mikan's relationship with Natsume. Persona promises that he will atone his sins for her and protect her with his life.