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Which one exhibits the character of a protozoan during one phase of its life cycle and character of fungi in another phase of its life cycle? Which of the following reagents would not be a good choice for reducing an aryl nitro compound to an amine? Reason Receptors for gustatosensation are located in taste bud.

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When a bar of soft Iron is placed in the field parallel to it, the lines of force passing through It will be represented by figure. Assertion Radial vascular bundle is the characteristic of majority of the roots including dicots and monocots. Reason Oxidation potential of zinc anode decreases and that of copper increases. The source is emitting sound of frequency n. Candidates can familiarize themselves with the mock counselling.

Assertion p-chlorobenzoic acid is stronger acid than benzoic acid. Reason The ratio of kinetic energy to potential energy is independent of the position.

Reason de-Broglie wavelength is inversely proportional to the mass of the object its velocity is constant. Structure of glycogen is similar to a amylose b anylopectin c cellulose d glucose. Reason Vinyl group is electron donating.

There are N cells in the circuit of figure. Does coaching really help in clearing entrance exam? Assertion In case of pure rolling. Assertion In an elastic collision between two bodies.

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Reason Heterochromatin are those regions of chromosome that remain condensed during interphase and rest of the non-condensed chromosome are called euchromatin. Assertion Tropical rain forest are nth in flora and fauna along with microbes on this biosphere. Assertion Aflatoxin are commercially produced by a species of aspergilli. Reason When a musical instrument is played, it produces a fundamental note which is accompanied by a number of overtones called harmonics. Reason Energy of living organism can not be lost or gained from external environment.

Reason Friedel-Crafts is an electrophilic substitution reaction. Which of the following statements is not correct about order of a reaction? Reason When a volatile solute is added to a volatile solvent, elevation in boiling point is observed.

Assertion Work done in moving a charge between any two points in a uniform electric field is independent of the path followed by the charge. Reason Air can be heated only by convection.

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The Dakshinamurti idol of Shiva depicts him in which form? The current in the circuit is.

Reason Chelate complexes lead to be more stable. Assertion Holoblastic cleavage with almost equal sized blastomeres is a characteristics feature of placental mammals.

Assertion Amphibian heart consist of two auricle and one ventricle. The aqueous solution, of amylase gives a blue colour with iodine solution due to the formation of. Reason Protonema of bryophytes Is similar to some green algae.

AIIMS Question Papers with Solutions (Published) - Get Here

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This sequence of amino acids is said to be. The materials and information provided on this website are for reference purposes only. Reason Electron are present inside the nucleus.

Reason The ionic mobilities depend on the effective radius of the ion. It depends on your purpose.

Predict in which of the following entropy decreases. Assertion A free radical is paramagnetic species. Reason The speed at the point of contact is zero. Pollorum disease in fowls is caused by a Salmonella b clostridium c Hemophilus d Mycobacterum. The equivalent capacitance of the system is.

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Then who has created this solved paper? Since officially question papers and solutions are not released, coaching centres release solved papers. Which of the following carbocation would have the greatest stability?

Reason Electron has less mass than proton. Reason Monocot stein is characterised by colletral open vascular bundle.

Assertion At the centre of earth u body has centre of mass, but no centre of gravity. Assertion On cooling, the brown colour of nitrogen dioxide disappears. This phenomenon is an example of.

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