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Show bullet hits, debris, and blood spatter in a cutaway shot. Just use a transfer mode or layer mode such as add, lighten or screen on the footage.

This article focuses on movie making and learning about real weapons so that the visual effects are acceptable to an audience. Making a believable composite is the most important part of convincing your audience that your gunfire is real. Take a glance at it before you buy, and see how you feel about the learning curve.

It can be a great foundation for learning the program as long as you don't just copy the tutorials out of the box. Take into account the size of your actor and the type and size of the gun. If neither are true then open up the clip in QuickTime and check the Clip Info.

Please do not be a troll if I have some detail about a weapon wrong. Other Posts You Might Like. Of course, these are not hard set rules so experiment if something doesn't seem to fit right - to me, that is always the most fun part anyways. Delete the footage from the project, then reimport. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!

Counter-Strike Effect Mods

You can not post a blank message. Does your actor have a silencer on his gun? Shockwave is a digital stock footage collection of advanced particle animations.

Turn that prop gun into a lethal weapon. Each Element was simulated with real-world physics!

Make sure your smoke color matches your shots. Cus I make videos and I want to make my editing better!

The clip elements, like the tutorials will look more familiar and lame to those in the know if you simply use them out of the box. To create this effect, you will have to composite a number of layers.

Yes they're sexy, but like a beautiful chick, she can ruin your movie before you know what happened. Its rediculous how many ae freelacers have tutorial stuff in their reel. Please type your message and try again.

It's filled with pre keyed stock footage and I use it almost daily. Video Copilot Shockwave brings bigger effects for sci-fi weapons. This product is fully royalty-free and is available for Instant Download. Nobody can tell you much without exact info about your render settings or how the elements are used in your comp.

Action Essentials 2

The models are fully textured and ready to be used in your action scenes. Action Essentials is invaluable when you need to composite elements into your shots and don't have the time or budget to go out and shoot something specific. However, you can also find free action stock footage just by searching on google Here's a useful link to free stock footage from detonation films. If the smoke is shot over black, sujatha attanayake songs use a layer mode set to Add to easily key the smoke.


Pre-Keyed Footage Not HELP

If you are the type of guy that never sleeps and if you don't have a family, go and do it all your self. Sometimes it will be shot over black, which works well for gunfire and smoke elements. Some guns come with suppressors that are meant to disrupt the shockwave of gas coming out of the barrel so the shooter is not blinded by the brightness of the gunfire.

Available for Instant Download! Check out my training courses on Udemy. For example, I'm using several elements in various shots of my current series to fatten up things we shot practically. He talking about the elements of a gun that dictate the look of the flare, and the camera set up and shutter speed.

Glad to see the question was answered. Yeah, Nuke is overkill for someone just learning and doing their own titles and effects. You can download the media for this tutorial here. This is the final answer to your needs for modern firearms. Take notes and then amp it up a bit for your movie for dramatic effect!

An Effect Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6

There are gun reload sounds, explosions, blood splatter and more. Just because you can doesn't always mean you should. You can also composite stock footage of smoke on your gunshot scene. This is kinda what stefanos is saying as well. But to be honest, it does take a big investment in time and determination as you will be dealing with frustration and anger a lot!

Here are a few that you may already own. There is are two recoils when a gun is shot, the kickback from the escaping bullet and another from the gas that follows the bullet out of the chamber. Clients can't tell the difference though. However, if you think about them as elements to include in your shots, they won't draw a lot of notice.

VinhSon Nguyen of CreativeDojo. And this video will show you how. Perfect to keep up with community on your smartphone. Unlike other packs, these are real shells that were shot, so the results you get from these are much more realistic.


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Start New Topic Howdy, Stranger! It is really not hard to add a few layers onto your scene to create great looking gun fire. Recoil is the backward momentum that is created when a gun is shot.