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The key fields are displayed as hotspot. This can be done in a routine using a local variable. By default, the system makes some fields in the output as key fields, provided the fields are key fields in their referencing table. So, the fields in the output internal table should not be referenced from tables in which they are key fields.

Cells can be colored individually using a color code which is contained in a column of the internal output table for the record containing the cell. Also, any logo specific to the report can be passed to the function module. The return table from this function module contains all the possible events. Only required if the list is to be output in a dialog box.

Output information after each output line. The Application server is not just one system in itself, but it can be multiple instances of the processing system. The report output contains columns only separated by space and no lines.

If not mentioned specifically, then the defaults are taken. The field for the color code is filled in the row in which the cells to be colored are located.

Name of the form routine that should be called in the calling program at the event. This is used for currency fields that have a reference to any unit field. Is called at the beginning of the function module to make special settings.

For fields with a Data Dictionary link this parameter can be left initial. No sum can be calculated over this field, although the data type of the field would allow summing. Field catalog containing descriptions of the list output fields usually a subset of the internal output table fields.

If you are familiar with Java, this generated code is somewhat comparable with Java byte code. Explore Advanced Analytics with Node. These columns do not scroll horizontally. Some of the main capabilities are listed below. Output list description structure.

These operations are not possible for user-defined block lists. Interface consistency check log output. This parameter is used to make certain field display only in the field catalog.

ABAP Objects - Basics Guided Tutorial

Details Features Tutorials Community Resources. Developer Tutorial Navigator. They contain the selection information to be added. Only relevant for hierarchical-sequential lists. Technical distribution of software is independent of its physical location.

SAP ABAP Tutorial Learn ABAP programming language

The user can however interactively choose the field for output from the field list in the display variant. The header table key fields are not considered here.

ABAP Objects - Basics Guided Tutorial

This parameter is used if the desired output length for a field is desired to be different from the internal output table field. Join the conversation on Twitter.

The name of the table is also entered in the corr. The report output contains a minimum possible length of line.

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This version provides a developer edition as a download. This is a very efficient tool for dynamically sorting and arranging the columns from a report output. The justification of the column header always follows the justification of the columns. The Data Dictionary texts are then ignored.

The user can switch to the item table fields interactively. All fields of this structure should be output in the list. If required, subtotals can nevertheless be calculated and displayed. The report is output in the striped pattern.

Name of the Callback event. Communication happens between each layer of the system, from the Presentation layer to the Database and then back up the chain. The caller should consider the problem of printing symbols.

Name of the Data Dictionary field referred to. This is only relevant for amount columns with associated unit. The item table key columns are fixed in hierarchical-sequential lists. Explore the available customization and configuration options. This parameter is relevant when the fields in the output are to be different from the sequence of the fields in the internal table used for display.

Internal Table containing the selection information. Does not allow scrolling of the list to the right. Subtotals can still be calculated and output. The field catalog for the output table is built-up in the caller's coding.

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Note the section on pre-defined settings. This parameter optimizes the length of the different columns in the output.

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This is technically a toggle between the header table and item table fields. The width of the different col. To change this default value, blu ray software windows 7 this parameter can interactively-define the maximum list width setting. Name of the select option or parameter.

SAP ABAP Tutorial Learn ABAP programming language

The field is a checkbox at the start of list records without a list header. For fields without a Data Dictionary link program field the parameter must be given the value of the desired field list output length column width. This function can also be used interactively by the user. No separate total lines by inh.

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