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At the party, he runs away with Anu and then Arnie catches them both using the police. In fact the entire narrative seems contrived and stiff.

This movie is very long, but very simplistic with no real backbone in any of the characters except maybe Rahul's mother. What I found just as moving as the songs is the depiction of a fantastically pure, innocent and passionate romance between the couple. Aashiqui was credited as an all-time blockbuster at the box office in mainly due to its music, low budget and high grossing collection with the shows running to full houses. It's so beautiful in its earnestness and intensity which the less romantic among us will find very silly that it's almost haunting.

Watch Our Exclusive Interview. Rahul was unable to express his feelings for her and writes a note on the electricity bill his mother told him to pay that very day. This is what the film is all about.

It is truly a beautiful collection of compositions by the Nadeem-Shravan. Anu Aggarwal has these beautiful eyes that communicate both the ecstasy and pain of her love, and Rahul Roy has a soft-hearted passion in his tone. Iske saare gaane mere dil ke bahut kareeb hai Awesome songs.

You just know what was going to happen next. The next day, Rahul comes to the place where Anu is going through a photo shoot session. Your description of relationships in life, your view of love is most agreeable. The acting in this movie is anything but good.

Theatrical release poster. Nutan, Kumar Gaurav, Sanjay Dutt. He tells him that they were planning to get married soon and he disapproves of such nakedness. The soundtrack largely falls under the filmi-ghazal genre, based on the ghazal style. Speak Your Mind Cancel Reply.

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Robin Bhatt Akash Khurana. All songs are good I like very very much. The tailor helps Rahul get the bill along with a note where Anu requests him to meet her at the Main City Library the following Saturday.

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Learn more More Like This. Each and every song of this movie is timeless. With a few twists and turns. While fighting for the political supremacy of their respective families, a Hindu man and a Muslim woman share a forbidden romance.

Boy meets girl, they fall in love, there are obstacles where they can't meet each other and they finally live happily ever after. Since she lives in a girl's hostel there is no way he can enter. Are they not executed brilliantly?

Never write again you wait tooooo long. Rahul loses his fans and fame due to alcoholism.

Bas ek sanam chaheye Aashiqui ke liye. Aashiqui became the highest-selling album in the history of Indian music industry. If you have watched Aashiqui, crusader stronghold watch the relationship between Rahul and his friend and then between Rahul and his mother.

Rahul asks Arnie about her whereabouts and more details so that he could help her settle and be more happy and Arnie wanting to help Anu reveals everything. The very next day, Rahul returns to the hostel area and spots his jacket hanging outside the hostel and wishes to meet Anu. The music definitely makes up the flaws of this movie. One thing that I love about this movie is the music.

The spy learns about Anu's travel plans and informs Rahul, who goes along with his friend to search for Anu and finds the place they are staying in. Soon after he leaves, Arnie catches her and takes her along to Ooty another town to be admitted in another hostel. Rahul and Anu did the best that the could do with their cardboard characters.

Aashiqui Movie Mp3 Songs Download

However anybody who had seen this movie can easily predict that Rahul lacked the charisma to be a major star. There are relationships in his movies. Rahul employs a spy to eavesdrop and see where Anu is going next.

Aashiqui MP3 Songs Download

The best part is the music, which is what this film is famous for. After they leave, the inspector turns to Rahul and offers him some advice and then lets him go back to his broken home. You're not missing out on too much.

That being said I feel that the movie in no way reflects the sheer genius of the music. The soundtrack is what made this movie famous and a success. One can see tiny glimpses of coping from the movie Rebel Without A Cause throughout the entire narrative, the obvious being the scene in the police station at the being of the movie. Filmfare Award for Best Music Director. Arnie then arrives and takes her back to the oppressive hostel, promising the police inspector that this would never happen again.

Written by gavin racktoo hotmail. Runaway heiress in search of her beloved falls in love with another man on the way. Watch Now With Prime Video. Anu has to return with Arnie and go to Ooty, while Rahul returns to his home.

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Rahul Roy does a good job for a debut lead role. Hence, he plays cricket with his friend and deliberately aims the ball into the compound. The police catch her and keep her at a nearby Police station which happens to be the same where Rahul is. Anu is also successful as a model and decides to further her career under the director Padamsee Homi Wadia who persuades her to accompany him to Paris.

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