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1. Gravity (2013)

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. It's not just schlocky horror directors, futurists or animators who have tried their hand at the third dimension. Rather than superficial coming-at-you effects, Avatar uses depth to suck you into its sci-fi world. As conversion jobs go, this is one of the best, with barely a flicker of uncomfortable blurring and characters that appear rounded rather than looking like pop-up book versions of themselves.

The film abounds with wonderful detail and fantastic colors. Dial M For Murder It's not just schlocky horror directors, futurists or animators who have tried their hand at the third dimension. But the video effect is not as well as we thought. You can almost reach out and touch it.

Digiarty Software is not developed by or affiliated with Apple Inc. From where we sit, though, it's not quite as engaging a movie. This surprisingly charming modern fairy tale has some of the most beautiful artwork seen in a Disney feature since the heyday of the studio.

Robert Zemeckis is a pioneer and champion of performance capture technology, and for this medieval epic he combined the cutting-edge technology with one of the oldest stories in the English language. Well, lakhbir singh lakha shiv bhajans as much realism you can have when a naked Ray Winstone is busy killing a dragon-like monster.

Top 6 Most Popular 3D Movies Download Sites

Top 6 Most Popular 3D Movies Download Sites

Never accuse James Cameron of being less than dedicated. Another motion-capture adventure. The floating lantern sequence near the film's climax is particularly breathtaking. It's awesome to behold, even if cinema staff were probably sweeping up eyeballs for days.

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The car chases and Satanic cults provide ample opportunity for spectroscopic flame and skull effects. The results, however, were Earth-shaking and jaw-dropping.

Avatar Never accuse James Cameron of being less than dedicated. For fans of either the movie or the real-life story of Titanic, it's an eerie, powerful sight to see it looming up in the dark. But, as Gravity and The Walk have proved in recent years, it remains a handy part of any filmmaker's toolkit. The director who has twice created the biggest film of all time spent more than a decade waiting for technology to catch up with his ideas and developing cameras capable of capturing them. It may not be art, but it's definitely good fun.

Shouldn't the best-sounding record have been a more ennobling piece of music? Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. This picture gets high marks for depth in dark settings, of which there are many, this being a depiction of a long dark night of the soul.

It wasn't until that audiences got to see it as intended. You may see double images by your eyes cuz the different image seen by your left and right eye. Unless you happen to own an actual dragon, of course. And ultimately, who doesn't want to watch a film in which a screaming woman in a swimsuit is perved over by a scaly, be-gilled monster man?

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James Cameron didn't just throw Avatar together. It's not Hitchcock at its very best, but it's fun to watch him having a ball playing with his new toy. Eric Brevig was a special effects expert before turning director for this fun family effort, and it shows. This three-decades-after sequel isn't as briskly enjoyable as the original. Sometimes you may not find the output format you want.

1. Gravity (2013)10 Best 3D Movies on Blu-Ray to Watch at Home

That just leaves the question of what to watch. Civil War, Deadpool, Inside Out etc. The dialogue and the acting may not always be up to much, but the creature's a work of genius, and the underwater scenes hugely impressive given the time it was made.