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Man, this game is sure driving some of U nuts! We add new games every day and only the best games! If you don't know the code for the safe, it's not time to open it yet. It's a good point you made, and one I intend to consider during work on a similar project for a graduate course this quarter. It's getting very frustrating.

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Click under it to see the square lock for this room. It's the top right hand piece. No I haven't fixed the room yet. Have you tried looking at the Walkthrough?

If you place the cards and nothing happens, then try a different order. One of my friends actually linked me to this the other day and I gave up on it I couldn't find that one piece needed to create the box. Use our game submission form. Your site is my daily stop. It's a great game, despite the simplicity.

If you post a question about a specific problem in the game we will be glad to help you with it. It must have a purpose for being there. How do I get my pieces to make a box shape?

Eight years ago I posted that walkthrough, and I hadn't checked back since to realize that I left out the piece on the radiator in room zero. Cool game, and this is a really neat idea for a blog. Maybe that's part of the appeal? That's when you became stuck in the house your dream. Maybe one day I will write up a spoiler for one of these games myself.

Yes I beat it finally, I would just type down everything you need to know here but that takes the fun out of it! Thanx to the walkthrough, i escape it! Thats was a fun game, and i really enjoyed it.

Could somebody tell me where it is please? Turn to your left and look at the couch. Click just to the left of the wrist on the coat to make it raise up and reveal another piece of the letter sticking out of its pocket. The combination to the safe is on the picture, use your imagination. You don't know where you are, and you don't know what you're doing there.

Then go through the door and note which room that card corresponds to. Sticking up between the floorboards at the lower right of the screen is the first part of the letter. Move towards the portrait, up close to it, and click on it to open it and reveal a keypad. If anyone needs help let me know! You will know if you have the cards in the correct order.

The game reminded me of Viridian Room and Crimson Room, but the ending is really original. You should also play afro-ninja games too, especially the one with the car please keep sharing this kind of games. It will help to remember the order of the rooms you visited to solve this puzzle. Thank you very much, it was an awesome game!

What happens after the upside down room? This was really fun, but it took me a while. Your guide was a lifesaver. Then turn to your left so the clock is on the right side of the screen. And the code to the safe has something to do with the room numbers and the cards?

Doors For PC (Game Online Challenge / Room / Free Download App)

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Such is the scenario that The Doors drops you into when this excellent point-and-click adventure game begins. Click on the open doors of one cupboard to close it, then click on the shelves between it and the other closed cupboard right in the middle of the screen. Emma - click on the large tall doors. Aaron - from my perspective maintaining the blog, this class of web game is among the most popular there is. Its interesting to me that this genre of web game keeps reappearing, but I suppose I played it and it was kind of fun, encarta britannica encyclopedia so why not?

It turns out that the house your in is all fake. Even the American games have poor English. Take the card from between its pages. There are papers on the desk that can't be looked at.

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And just remember everything you do and see. Now, as for which card goes on which number, you should pay attention to the symbol on the door for each room. Turn to your right and look for a purple book on the far end of the second shelf from the top. Thought I would have to use a specific room - the desk? Eckstein - you need to drag the box to something in one of the rooms.

Doors For PC (Game Online Challenge / Room / Free Download App)

The room is rightside up now, so before using the box, move towards the bed. Well not to bad but not good either.

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Rick - you need to assemble the open box. Not a bad game, the ending was different, I just think it could've been more exciting.

Awesome, i didn't now that it was so easy! All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner s. Then, open the bottom drawer of the file cabinet beside the desk, and take out the medical report.

Now, turn back to face the coat rack and the door leading to the next room. Matt - you need to drag the box that was formed to something in one of the rooms. But, I'm glad I stuck at it. Did anybody else encounter this? Click on the second shelf from the bottom, on the right side the shelf that's only half-visible to get the last card.

Legal notice All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner s. Yes, I had a bit of trouble figuring out the order of the cards as well.